• Are you interested in local food?
  • Do you feel that too many of us have lost touch with ‘real food’ ?
  • Would you like to be involved in a new local ‘growing’ initiative ?

The Incredible Edible movement started in the small Yorkshire town of Todmorden just 4 years ago and has been enthusiastically embraced by other communities around Britain and beyond.  Its’ simple concept is to reawaken our connections with the food we eat, by putting beds and planters of herbs, fruit and vegetables in public spaces and encouraging local people to help themselves. It’s also about growing community participation and has the potential to develop in many different directions.

Take a look at:   www.incredibleedibletodmorden.co.uk   for more information and inspiration.          


Here in Dumfries we have started a similar venture in our town  and we want to hear from anyone with a ‘Can-Do’  attitude, enthusiasm, and willingness to get involved.

Our group is a part of the Incredible Edible Network, www.incredibleediblenetwork.org.uk, sharing information and experience among numerous urban food growing groups both within and outside the UK.

We are starting with small spaces for fruit, herbs and vegetables but we hope to expand to larger spaces and perhaps an orchard or two – basically we will use any food crop to turn unloved spaces into pieces of paradise.

Incredible Edible Dumfries has a mission to not just grow food to promote the message of sustainably produced local food and we have been blessed in having a monthly article in Dumfries and Galloway Life to share recipes and stories of how people can make the most of their gardens.

This has been such an adventure for us all and we would love to you join us on this tasty journey.

We need people of  ……

All ages….,  all walks of life…..,   all corners of the town…….

Gardeners –     seasoned experts and  complete beginners…,

People with practical skills, artistic skills, circus skills, ideas, IT skills, etc….

Schools, Clubs, Businesses, Churches, Institutions etc…

Everyone can get involved.

Contact us to share your ideas and enthusiasms:



10 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. So good! Count me! Dont have much experience in gardening, but im more than willing to help whenever I have the time. Desi =)

    1. Hi Desi, so sorry for the delay in replying thank you so much for the comment. We shall be having a meeting next month to set out the plan for the coming season. I shall let you know the dates.
      All the best

    2. Hi Desislava
      You left a comment on our webpage a few months ago and I wanted to invite you along to our open meeting at the Cumberland Street Day Centre, Dumfries at 7:30pm on September 19th.
      Hope you join us
      The Incredible Edibles

    1. Hi Katie
      Thanks for commenting. Just to let you know we are having an open meeting on September 19th in the Cumberland Street Day Centre at 7:30pm. Just to go through what we’ve done and to gather together ideas for next year.
      Feel free to come along
      All the best
      The Incredible Edibles

  2. Dear Edible Dumfries
    I work for the NHS and we coordinate a network called the Food and Health Alliance. We publish a montly newsletter and this includes a hot topic feature of about 350 words where we publicise the good practice of organisations working in the firld of food and health. I wondered if you would be interested in featuring in our newsletter? Please contact me on nhs.healthscotland-fha.org.uk and I can send you further details.

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